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Data Warehousing for Biomedical Informatics is a step-by-step how-to guide for designing and building an enterprise-wide data warehouse across a biomedical or healthcare institution, using a four-iteration lifecycle and standardized design pattern. It enables you to quickly implement a fully-scalable generic data architecture that supports your organization’s clinical, operational, administrative, financial, and research data. By following the guidelines in this book, you will be able to successfully progress through the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma versions, plus fully implement your first production release in about a year.

The Alpha version allows you to implement just enough of the basic design pattern to illustrate its core capabilities while loading a small sampling of limited data for demonstration purposes. This provides an easy way for everyone involved to visualize the new warehouse paradigm by actually examining a core subset of the working system. You can finish the Alpha version, also referred to as the proof-of-concept, in as little as 3-4 weeks.

The Beta version, which can be completed in about 2-3 months, adds required functionality and much more data. It allows you to get the full warehouse up and running quickly, in order to facilitate longer-term planning, user and support team training, and setup of the operational environment. The Gamma version, which is a fully-functional system–though still lacking data–can be implemented in about 3-4 months. About one year after starting, you will be ready to launch Release 1.0 as a complete and secure data warehouse.

Developing Essbase Applications: Hybrid Techniques and Practices reviews technology areas that are much-discussed but still very new, including Exalytics and Hybrid Essbase. Covering recent improvements to the Essbase engine, the book illustrates the impact of new reporting and analysis tools and also introduces advanced Essbase best practices across a variety of features, functions, and theories.

Illustrating the recent expansion of Essbase functionality, this book provides the up-to-date understanding you need to explore the full depth of the Essbase technology stack. Although the book presents detailed tutorial chapters that can be read on their own, reading the entire book will provide you with a similar understanding as some of the most experienced Essbase practitioners from around the world.

    Auerbach Books on Database and Data

Big Data Analytics: A Practical Guide for Managers Big Data and Health Analytics The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology Multilevel Security for Relational Databases

Big Data Analytics Strategies for the Smart Grid Large Scale and Big Data: Processing and Management Big Data, Mining, and Analytics: Components of Strategic Decision Making Cloud Database Development and Management

Data Governance: Creating Value from Information Assets Data Mining Mobile Devices Big Data and Business Analytics Data Mining for Bioinformatics

Open Source Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Developing Essbase Applications: Advanced Techniques for Finance and IT Professionals Practical Data Mining Data Warehouse Designs: Achieving ROI with Market Basket Analysis and Time Variance

Data Mining Tools for Malware Detection Database Design Using Entity-Relationship Diagrams, Second Edition Data Mining in Biomedical Imaging, Signaling, and Systems Data Mining and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

Music Emotion Recognition The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology HOWTO Secure and Audit Oracle 10g and 11g Data Mining Methods and Applications

Building Trustworthy Semantic Webs Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, Third Edition (Print Version) Handbook of Enterprise Integration Data Mining for Intelligence, Fraud & Criminal Detection: Advanced Analytics & Information Sharing Technologies

Neural Networks for Applied Sciences and Engineering: From Fundamentals to Complex Pattern Recognition Business Process Management Systems: Strategy and Implementation Implementing Electronic Document and Record Management Systems Strategic Data Warehousing: Achieving Alignment with Business

Knowledge Management in Public Health Design and Implementation of Data Mining Tools Database and Applications Security: Integrating Information Security and Data Management Grid Database Design

Logical Database Design Principles Oracle Identity Management: Governance, Risk, and Compliance Architecture, Third Edition Building and Maintaining a Data Warehouse Database Development and Management

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