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IT Management

Books on IT Management
AIMS Archives Information Management from the Auerbach Information Management Service Archives
04/18/2017 A New Profession: The Data Protection Officer
03/27/2017 Selecting Platforms to Optimize IT Operations
07/25/2016 Operational Auditing
02/29/2016 Operational Assessment of IT: Understanding the Organization
02/16/2016 Agile Enterprises
02/08/2016 Introduction to Change Management
02/01/2016 Integrating Changes into Operations: Transition Management
12/29/2015 Lean Primer for IT Professionals
12/22/2015 IT Innovation and Ethics
02/23/2015 What Is the Role of a CISO?
01/19/2015 The Lean Leader: A Personal Journey of Transformation
08/11/2014 Enterprise Architecture
07/30/2014 Accountability Is Why Technology Should Shift to the Business from IT
06/02/2014 Data Classification
01/13/2014 Before You Decide to Outsource
09/23/2013 Defining Addressing Social Media Security and Privacy Challenges
09/16/2013 Defining Enterprise and Transformation Challenges
09/09/2013 Setting the Foundation of an Enterprise Architecture
08/21/2013 The Role of Data Governance in an Organization
05/06/2013 In the Virtual Era, Who Needs Insurance?
02/25/2013 Digital Usage Policies and the 'New' Desktop
02/11/2013 Defining Enterprise and Transformation Challenges
11/19/2012 Social Networking: #Friend or #Foe
11/12/2012 Privacy Compliance Laws: Why the European Commission Has Finally Got It Right
09/24/2012 BYOD and Spotting the Next Big Trend
06/25/2012 BYOD: It's Time to Throw Out the Rule Book
06/25/2012 Two-Thirds of Senior Management Don't Know Where Their Company Data Is
06/18/2012 Could You Bring Your Company to Its Knees?
05/14/2012 The Social Enterprising Environment
04/16/2012 Ethics in IT Outsourcing: An Oxymoron?
02/21/2012 Outsourcing Basics
01/30/2012 Mobile Enterprise Transition and Business Expectations
01/09/2012 Lean Management
10/03/2011 Product Lifecycle Management: A New Path to Shareholder Value?
06/14/2011 Productivity vs. Security
04/04/2011 Lean IT: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
03/07/2011 Advancing Green from Idea into Action
02/28/2011 Ten Tips for Starting Revenue Assurance
12/27/2010 Too Many Metrics and Not Enough Data
11/29/2010 Preventing Vendor Lock-In as You Migrate to the Cloud
11/08/2010 Six Keys to Successful Security Strategic Planning
11/01/2010 The IT Dilemma
10/18/2010 How Bridging the Skills Gap Can Make IT a Business Leader
09/20/2010 The Cost of Open Source Licensing Compliance
09/13/2010 When It Comes to What to Keep and What to Dispose, You're Giving Your IT Team a Billion Choices
09/07/2010 Legal Compliance: From Software Development to Delivery
08/30/2010 Security and the Business: The Need for an Adaptive Security Management Architecture
08/23/2010 A Business Case for ISO 27001 Certification
08/09/2010 An Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare Industry, Information Technology, and Informatics
06/28/2010 Information Destruction Requirements and Techniques
06/21/2010 What's Your Core IT Competency? Really?
06/14/2010 Leveraging IT Control Frameworks for Compliance
04/12/2010 The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Its Aftereffects
04/05/2010 Creating IT Road Maps to Manage Complex IT Scenarios
03/29/2010 Enterprise Architecture: Not Just another Management Fad
03/15/2010 Understanding Lean for IT
02/22/2010 Mobile Enterprise Transition Goals
02/08/2010 The Top Trends Shaping Business Analytics
01/25/2010 Ten Steps to Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
01/18/2010 The 'New Normal' and Its Effects on Supply Chain Management
01/11/2010 Stretching the IT Budget: Look Beyond the Obvious
11/09/2009 CIO Core Skills and Career Development
09/28/2009 7 Questions to Ask Before Building an IT Strategy
09/28/2009 How to Deal with the People Factor of Change Management
08/10/2009 Devising a Workable IT Planning Strategy
07/27/2009 Leveraging Business Service Management Solutions to Navigate Challenging Economic Times
07/20/2009 Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners
06/07/2009 Managing the IT Procurement Process
04/20/2009 The Key Success Factors in Aligning IT with Business
04/13/2009 For North American Businesses, the Benefits of Onshore Outsouring Are Off the Charts
04/06/2009 Which Kind of System? The Make, Buy, or Rent Decision
03/02/2009 Traditional or Milestone Consulting: Which Is Best?
09/01/2008 "Cool" Is the New Recruiting Tool
08/18/2008 Knowledge Is King for Software Licensing Negotiations
06/09/2008 Choosing the Right Managed Security Services Provider
04/28/2008 The Foundation of Global Development Management
04/14/2008 Introduction to International Standards Organization Security Standards
04/14/2008 How Much IT Is Enough?
04/14/2008 Outsourcing: Single Source vs. Best of Breed
03/24/2008 Nearshoring: A Smart Alternative to Offshore
03/17/2008 Millennial Workforce: IT Risk or Benefit?
03/17/2008 The People IT Needs Don't Want to Work in IT
10/31/2007 State of the Data Center Research
10/08/2007 Secret of Outsourcing Success
07/23/2007Customer-Driven, Value-Based Enterprise IT
07/23/2007 The Title Is Information Officer ... Chief Information Officer
07/09/2007 Ascending the Data Infrastructure Hierarchy: The Five Stages of Data Infrastructure Management Maturity
05/18/2007SOX: Is It the Key to Better Business?
04/30/2007Operational Performance Measurement
04/16/2007Maximizing Compliance and Content Protection
03/26/2007A Better Way to Budget Enterprise IT Expenses
03/19/2007Avoiding the Commitment Dip: Seven Ways to Keep Your Employees Focused on and Committed to Change
03/09/2007Partnering to Optimize IT and Security Management
02/12/2007Agile Enterprise IT: Oxymoron to Reality
01/29/2007Magnifying the Value of Identity Management Technology
12/18/2006Enterprise IT Freakonomics
12/11/2006Preemptive Problem Solving
11/27/2006Making Enterprise IT Fun Again
11/20/2006 Eight Rules for Dealing with Employees Who Are Bringing Your Company Down
09/27/2006 Office Safety: Thwart Work Space Hazards with Simple Solutions
08/07/2006 Creating a Culture of Compliance
07/10/2006 What CEOs and CFOs Really Want to Know About Enterprise IT Value
06/19/2006 Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard: Aligning IT to Organizational Strategy
05/22/2006 Fixing Broken Outsourcing Relationships
05/15/2006 The Overwhelmed Office: Six Fixes for the Stressed-Out, Productivity-Challenged Workplace
04/17/2006 Ten Top Tips on How to Donate Your Old PC
04/03/2006 New Guidance Helps CEOs and Boards Fulfill Responsibility for Information Security
01/09/2006 Saving Users from Themselves
01/02/2006 Sarbanes-Oxley: Achieving Compliance by Starting with ISO 17799
12/19/2005 IT Outsourcing and Core IS Capabilities: Challenges and Lessons at Dupont
12/05/2005 Examining the Basics of Supply Chain Management
11/28/2005 Offshoring of Services: An Overview of the Issues
11/03/2005 Understanding and Managing Vendors
10/10/2005 Coaching for Career Development

Performance Improvement and Team Building

02/08/2016 Introduction to Change Management
02/01/2016 Integrating Changes into Operations: Transition Management
01/19/2015 The Lean Leader: A Personal Journey of Transformation
01/12/2015 Brainstorming
08/04/2014 Team Building for a Strategic Initiative
12/16/2013 Maintaining Professional Certification
12/02/2013 Leadership and Mentoring
02/12/2013 How a Simple Storyboard Helps Command Attention and Get Results (Virtually)
12/03/2012 Generation Tech: Young, Gifted but a Long Way from Bad
08/13/2012 Web 2 to Enterprise 2
08/06/2012 The Day QA Died
07/23/2012 Team Culture Trumps National Differences: 11 Expert Tips for Great Global Teams
07/02/2012 Who Moved My (Virtual) Water Cooler?
06/01/2012 11 Leadership Tips for What to Do When Workloads Are Seriously Out of Whack
04/23/2012 From Bland and Boring to Captivating and Compelling: What Virtual Leaders Must Know
03/12/2012 You'd Be a Great (Virtual) Communicator If Only You Could Just Be Quiet
02/27/2012 Far-flung Teams Deserve Fabulous Fanfare: Making It Fun from Afar
01/16/2012 Untangle Your Virtual Team with 10 Most-Needed Norms
12/12/2011 Organizational Change: Ignore Roadblocks at your Peril
11/14/2011 Balance Innovation and Expediency for a Supercharged Team
09/19/2011 How Virtual Leaders Can Help Others Thrive in a World of Complexity
08/15/2011 How to Disengage Your Virtual Team in 10 Easy Steps
07/25/2011 Talk Trumps Text for Harnessing Hidden Know-How
06/27/2011 Virtual Meetings: Design for Worst-Case Scenarios for Best Outcomes
05/23//2011 Strong Virtual Leadership + a Few Essential Tools = Great Collaboration
05/16/2011 Making Change Stick
08/30/2010 Introduction to the Process-centric Architecture Paradigm
08/16/2010 Holding Back: A Counter-Intuitive Approach for Virtual Leaders
07/05/2010 Building Relationships, One Conversation at a Time: Virtual Relationships Require Real Conversations
05/10/2010 Leading vs. Managing Remote Teams: Making the Crucial Distinction
01/04/2010 The Keys to Intergenerational Harmony
12/14/2009 Improving Performance in Troubled Times through Distance Learning
11/16/2009 7 Steps for Staying Relevant in a Tough Market
10/12/2009 The Secrets for Giving Feedback to Millennials
09/28/2009 Top 5 Ways to Incorporate CMMI with Agile Methods
08/17/2009 Magic Numbers for Successful Teamwork
07/27/2009 Reaching the Peak of CMMI: How Fast Can You Climb?
07/20/2009 Success Factors in Knowledge Management
07/13/2009 CMMI Benefits Now Extended
06/29/2009 Improving Performance in Troubled Times through Distance Learning
06/14/2009 Predicting the ROI of Change
06/01/2009 Organizational Communications Audit as Foundation of Successful Campaign
05/18/2909 Accelerate On-the-Job Learning with Virtual Peer Roundtables
03/23/2009 Coalescing a New Team: Creating Ties That Bind
03/16/2009 CMMI and Agile: Opposites Attract
03/02/2009 Six Management Practices That Don't Cut It in a Virtual World
02/23/2009How BPM Can Benefit Quality Programs
02/02/2009Drive Out Distractions and Reclaim Your Time
01/12/2009Process Improvement Requires a Focus on Productivity
10/06/2008Cutting to the Chase: 8 Essential Steps for Faster, More Engaging Meetings
09/29/2008Time for New Skills: People Readiness for the Second Digital Revolution
09/15/2008Key Words for Leaders
09/08/2008Introducing A New Kind of Project Leader
08/25/2008Seven Ways to Head Off Performance Issues before They Poison Your Culture
07/14/2008Speed Virtual Connections, Strengthen Collaboration with the Right Social Networking Tools
07/07/2008Innovative Use of Business Process Management Can Benefit IT, Too
06/30/2008Process Improvement Requires a Focus on Productivity
06/23/2008How Do I Measure IT Performance?
06/09/2008Strategic Communications Planning for Better Collaboration: Listening and Learning Across the Generations
05/12/2008Creativity Produces Profit
05/05/2008Staying Connected When Teams Disperse
04/14/2008Worth a Thousand Words: Connecting Virtual Teams Through Imagery and Metaphor
03/31/2008Why Social Networking Can Mean Serious Business for Your Virtual Teams
03/24/2008Productive Relationships Rule
03/03/2008Get Out-of-the-Box Thinking in a Virtual World
02/18/2008Recipe for Great Virtual Teamwork: The Right Communications Tools at the Right Time
02/04/2008Building the IT Consulting Competency
10/29/2007The Accidental Saboteur: Three Small Sins That Undermine Your Company in a Big Way
10/22/20077 Ways to Get Your People to Embrace Change
10/15/2007Why Are My Skills Out-of-Date?
10/15/2007Aligning People and Processes to Maintain a Resilient IT Infrastructure
10/08/2007Coaching: A Hands-on Strategy for Performance Improvement
10/01/2007If They Don't Know, You Can't Tell Them: Part 1
09/24/2007Tips to Make Your Performance Management System More Valuable
09/24/2007Where the Heavy Lifting Is: Business Knowledge and Behavioral Skills for IT Success
09/10/2007Coaching That Counts
08/13/2007Spoiled Leadership: Seven Reasons Why Managers Find It So Difficult to Throw Out Their Bad Apples
07/30/2007Nine Surefire Steps for Going Virtual When Face to Face Is Impossible
07/02/2007Get and Give What You Bargained for with Clear Agreements That Make Sense
06/04/2007Entangling Alliances: Strategies for Partnering with Non-Technical Allies
05/28/20077 Deadly Workplace Sins ... and Virtues that Cultivate Upward Career Mobility
05/07/2007Good vs. Evil: Finding a Management Style "Middle Ground"
04/02/20078 Rules for Dealing with Poor Performers
03/12/2007 Freedom Quest: Unlocking Career Shackles
02/26/2007 Give Clear Requests to Get Amazing Results
12/25/2006 Creating a Virtual Network of Support in Times of Need
10/30/2006 Ten Must-Know E-mail Tips for Teams to Make an Impact and Get Results
10/09/2006 The Upside of Office Politics: 7 Tactics to Help Professionals Succeed Amid a Politically Charged Company Culture
10/02/2006 Connecting Clients in a Virtual World

Risk Management

05/22/2017 Factoring Cloud Service Quality Risks
01/09/2017 Database Management: Ensuring Risk-Free Change
10/17/2016 Risk and Trust Assessment: Schemes for Cloud Services
05/09/2011 Realizing the Benefits of Vulnerability Management in the Cloud
03/28/2011 Why Risk Management?
03/08/2010 Assessing and Reducing Information Exposure
12/07/2009 Introduction to Risk Analysis
10/05/2009 Supplier Risk Management
08/03/2009 More Than a Check Box: How GRC Principles Measure Security and Accountability
03/09/2009 Ranking Risks: Rare to Certain, Negligible to Catastrophic
01/26/2009 Mumbai, Corporate Security and Indo-Pakistani Conflict
11/03/2008 Does Constant Change Equal Constant Risk in Your Enterprise?
09/22/2008 How to Complete a Risk Assessment in 5 Days or Less
08/25/2008 Software Security Total Risk Management: Blueprint for Effective Program Development
02/01/2008 Symantec Research Debunks Common Myths that Contribute to IT Failures
10/01/2007 Risks and Threats of Wireless
06/18/2007 Building a Successful Information Technology Risk Management Program
02/05/2007 Corporate Security: Risk and Cost Tolerance in India
01/01/2007 The Insider's Guide to Outsourcing Risks and Rewards
09/18/2006 Playing Russian Roulette with Enterprise IT Risks


03/20/2017 Design of Virtual Machine Execution Engine
03/01/2017 An Overview of End-to-End Verifiable Voting Systems
11/28/2016 What Is Uncertainty in Machine Learning?
10/24/2016 Introduction to Behavioral Biometrics
09/14/2016 Introduction to Machine Learning
05/04/2016 Today's Big Trends in Robotics: The Robolution
11/09/2015 Drones in the City: Toward a Floating Robotic Panopticon?
09/22/2014 Overview of Mobile Platforms
05/26/2014 Anonymity in Network Communication
03/24/2014 Knowledge Management and e-Learning: Putting Theory into Practice
01/28/2014 Mobile Medical Devices
07/01/2013 Extensible Markup Language Document Management
04/29/2013 Get the Most from the Cloud (without the Hidden Costs)
04/29/2013 Virtualization Overview: Focus on the Business Benefits
03/11/2013 The BYOD Revolution
11/05//2012 Introduction to the Smart Grid
10/01/2012 Communication Middleware for the Internet of Things
09/28/2011 How Companies Are Tapping Document Management Best Practices to Reach Their Top Business Goals
08/08/2011 Seeding the Cloud with Trust: Real World Trusted Multi-Tenancy Use Cases Emerge
07/11/2011 SMBs Show Signs of Coming Round to Cloud, but on Their Terms
05/16/2011 The Internet of Things
01/31/2011 Key Cloud Strategies: First Steps
10/04/2010 5 Reasons Why Object Storage Is the Best Choice for Cloud Storage Environments
07/12/2010 IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®)
05/03/2010 The New Intelligence: The Birth of the Knowledge Management Industry
03/22/2010 Internet Telephony: The Evolution to a Service-Oriented Architecture
09/14/2009 Community SaaS: If you Build it, Will they Come?
08/03/2009 5 Technologies that Matter in a Slow Economy
08/03/2009 12 Things You Should Know about Cloud Computing and Software as a Service
07/27/2009 Seven Ways to Save Money with Technology
06/23/2009 Why SaaS Plays Nicer than Enterprise Software
05/04/2009 ERP for IT
04/30/2909 Complex Adaptive Systems Engineering
04/27/2009 Scale-out iSCSI SANs as a Force Multiplier for Virtualization
02/09/2009 Stimulating Your Organization with Green Technology
10/06/2008 What Is Enterprise Architecture?
08/11/2008 Introduction to Mobile Computing and Communications
06/09/2008 How Wikis Are Transforming Knowledge Management
03/10/2008 Mobile Devices and Centralized Computing Redefine the Desktop
02/26/2008 Internet Television vs. IPTV
01/28/0008 The Wiki Way to Better IT Managed Services
09/24/2007 The X-Internet Platform
09/03/2007 What, Exactly, Is Knowledge Management?
04/09/2007 Internet Telephony: The Evolution to a Service-Oriented Architecture
10/11/2006 Wiki Technology as a "Free" Collaborative Tool within an Organizational Setting
07/03/2006 Why Leading Enterprises Are Issuing Employee Smart Cards
06/05/2006 Label-Printing and RFID
05/08/2006 Getting Started With Trusted Computing
02/13/2006 Active RFID: Innovation and Very Rapid Growth


Books on Information Security, Audit, and Risk
AIMS Archives Data Security Management from the Auerbach Information Management Service Archives
05/30/2017 How Special Interest Groups Use Social Media as a Weapon
04/18/2017 A New Profession: The Data Protection Officer
04/10/2017 IoT Threats Underline the Need for Modern DDoS Defense
04/03/2017 Introduction to Onion Routing
03/06/2017 Exploring Mobile Authentication Mechanisms from Personal Identification Numbers to Biometrics
11/21/2016 Security of Smart Devices: Hardware Features
11/14/2016 The Internal Audit Charter
10/24/2016 Introduction to Behavioral Biometrics
09/06/2016 Introduction to Certificateless Cryptography
08/15/2016 25 Years of DDoS
08/08/2016 Pokemon Infiltrates the Business Network
07/19/2016 Claims-Based Authentication
04/18/2016 Analyzing and Securing Social Networks
12/14/2015 Protecting the Oil and Gas Industry from Email Threats
12/15/2015 Predicting the Cyber Security Future in 2016
12/07/2015 Top 5 Predictions for Online Fraud in 2016
11/30/2015 Chimera Changes the Ransomware Game
11/23/2015 Mobile Wallets: The New Fraud Frontier
11/17/2015 6 CyberHacks That Will Affect Your Life in 2016
11/17/2015 The Threat Within: 3 Out of 4 Companies Affected by Internal Information Security Incidents
11/16/2015 5 Tips for Shrinking the Elephant in the Room: Careless Employees
11/09/2015 Russia's Undeclared Cyber Wars
10/26/2015 10 Facts You Need to Know About Data Breaches
10/19/2015 Combating Account Takeover
10/19/2015 The Difference between SIEM and UBA
10/12/2015 5 Things You Need to Know About the Proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation
10/05/2015 Three Questions about Online Security
09/28/2015 Espionage Tradecraft
09/28/2015 3 Reasons Why the Nuclear Industry Is a Good Cyber-Security Example
09/21/2015 The Seven Deadly Sins of Incident Response
09/14/2015 Protecting Medical Record Data
09/09/2015 Top 3 Factors Driving the Rise in Data Breaches
08/31/2015 How to Solve the Five Biggest Email Security Problems
08/24/2015 Cybercrime as a Business—Part 3: The Evolution of the Arms Race
08/17/2015 Cybercrime as a Business—Part 2
08/10/2015 Cybercrime as a Business—Part 1
07/27/2015 The Ripple Effect of Identity Theft
07/20/2015 The Financial Industry's Biggest Threat
07/13/2015 Security Countermeasure Selection and Budgeting Tools
07/06/2015 Protests or Profiteering: The Hack Remains in Same
06/29/2015 How Can Hospitals Protect Their Medical Equipment from Malware?
06/22/2015 Maintaining Security despite Enterprise Mobility
06/15/2015 Five Ways to Improve SCADA Security
06/01/2015 Why Insider Threats Are Succeeding
05/25/2015 Endpoint Anti-Malware
05/18/2015 Operational Models of Corporate Security Intelligence
05/11/2015 Why the Padlock Symbol and Green Bar Appear in Your Browser, and Why You Should Care
05/04/2015 Fifteen Years After the ILoveYou Bug: Has the Face of Malware Changed?
04/27/2015 Internet, Social Media, and Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructures
04/13/2015 Sorry, Symantec. Antivirus Is Not Dead.
04/06/2015 Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Threats
03/30/2015 Why Client-Side Encryption Is the Next Best Idea in Cloud-Based Data Security
03/24/2015 Self-Service Reset Password Solutions: Issues Addressed and Problems Solved
03/17/2015 Concepts of Database Security
03/10/2015 Onslaught of New Ransomware Strains
03/09/2015 Basics of Security and Cryptography
03/02/2015 Browser Security
02/23/2015 What Is the Role of a CISO?
02/16/2015 Security and Provenance
02/11/2015 Don't Be the Next Sony! Ten Tips to Avoid Massive Data Breaches.
02/09/2015 Cyber-security: Changing the Economics!
02/02/2015 Top 2014 Security Hacks and How Managed Services Could Have Helped
01/26/2015 Critical Infrastructure Executives Complacent about Internet of Things Security
01/26/2015 The Smart Grid and Privacy
01/20/2015 Cisco Annual Security Report Reveals Widening Gulf between Perception and Reality of Cybersecurity Readiness
12/09/2014 Widespread Employee Access to Sensitive Files Puts Critical Data at Risk
12/04/2014 2014-2015 Security Surprises, Challenges and Prediction
11/24/2014 5 Ways You Can Stay Protected Online This Holiday Shopping Season
11/24/2014 4 Questions to Consider When Building a Security Platform
11/18/2014 Cyber Economics
11/03/2014 Basic Concepts of Multilevel Database Security
10/29/2014 McAfee Report Reveals Organizations Choose Network Performance Over Advanced Security Features
10/28/2014 Android Malware Evolution
09/09/2014 New F-Secure Threat Report: Ransomware Rising, Even on Android
09/08/2014 The Top 10 Ways to Combat Insider Threats
09/08/2014 Survey of Secure Computing
05/12/2014 Future Trends in WAN Security
05/05/2014 Security Issues in Machine-to-Machine Communication
03/31/2014 The Hybrid (Frugal) CISO
03/03/14 Internet Exploitation: The Web, Your Computer, Your IT System
10/21/2013 Data Protection: Setting the Right Objectives
10/01/2013 Mobile Security Issues
10/01/2013 Effective Physical Security of a Mobile Device
10/01/2013 Security for the Enterprise Mobile Device Life Cycle
10/01/2013 Evolution of Mobile Threats
10/01/2013 Data Protection: Setting the Right Objectives
09/23/2013 Privacy Challenges
08/12/2013 Debunking the Myths about CAs and SSL Certificates
07/29/2013 Enabling Pain-Free SSL Certificate Management
07/08/2013 Before You Take Your Next Trip
06/20/2013 Taming the "21st Century's Wild West" of Cyberspace
06/20/2013 An Ethics for the New (and Old) Surveillance
06/20/2013 SCADA Security
06/20/2013 Wireless Network Security: An Overview
05/20/2013 Overview of Data Anonymization
05/14/2013 The Top 5 Brilliant Things the Cloud Can Deliver (If You Get Your Security Right)
04/15/2013 Android and the Secure Enterprise
04/08/2013 Securing Your Enterprise Data in a BYOD World
01/28/2013 Effective Physical Security of a Mobile Device
10/15/2012 Security As an Enabler of Innovation
10/04/2012 Data Loss from Missing Mobile Devices Ranks as Top Mobile Device Threat
09/17/2012 Application Whitelisting for Infrastructure Control
09/04/2012 From Identity and Access Solutions to Access Governance
08/27/2012 Security Awareness: Telling Them Once Is Never Enough
08/07/2012 The Severity of Bugs: Are We Doomed?
07/30/2012 What the Gurus of Secure Collaboration Couldn't Tell You
07/26/2012 Threat Report Highlights Upsurge in Socially-Smart Attacks from China that Target PCs and Android Smartphones
07/09/2012 The Problems with Electronically-Stored Information as Discoverable Evidence
07/05/2012 3 Risks of Failing to Monitor Internet Usage
06/21/2012 Is Your Security Like Your Choice of Coffee?
06/20/2012 Online File Sharing Poses Great Security Risks to SMBs
05/21/2012 New EU Data Directive Will Drive Turning Point for Security
05/02/2012 Fake Feds Attack Hijacks Computers for Ransom
04/20/2012 Companies Leaving the Security of their Data on Cloud to Chance
04/02/2012 So You Think SharePoint Is Secure? Think Again
03/26/2012 IT Security Lessons that Australia Can Teach Us
03/26/2012 National Security-Related Agencies Need to Better Address ITC Supply Chain Risks
03/19/2012 The RSA Security Breach 12 Months Later
03/05/2012 Secure Remote Working during the Olympics
02/27/2012 Analysis of ‘Anonymous’ Attack Techniques
02/21/2012 The Scary New Hacking Trend
02/13/2012 Why Are the Hackers Targeting Certificate Authorities and What Can You Do about It
01/31/2012 Responsibility Disconnect and Lack of Management Commitment Impedes Database Security Effort
01/30/2012 Creating a Culture of Security Awareness
01/02/2012 Passwords Are Not Enough: Why Enterprises Need Strong Authentication, Too
10/28/2011 6 Steps to Security Policy Excellence
09/29/2011 Take Action to Avoid Mobile Device Geolocation Risk
09/26/2011 Protecting Mobile Data: When Is Enough, Enough?
09/19/2011 Whitelisting
08/22/2011 Terrorism: An Overview
08/15/2011 Smart Card Security: The SIM/USIM Case
08/15/2011 Security Risk Assessment Approaches
08/08/2011 Rootkits: The Ultimate Malware Threat
08/01/2011 Hacking Windows
07/25/2011 Security Countermeasure Goals and Strategies
07/11/2011 Targeted Network Attacks
07/04/2011 Establishing a Patch Management Policy
06/06/2011 Productivity vs. Security
05/09/2011 Realizing the Benefits of Vulnerability Management in the Cloud
04/11/2011 Balancing Network Security and Business Impact
03/14/2011 FISMA Requirements Case Study
03/14/2011 Factors Impacting Information Security in Selection of a Compliance Methodology, Taxonomy, or Framework
03/07/2011 The Cyber Warfare Threat
02/07/2011 Cyber Attack Toolkits Dominate the Internet Threat Landscape
01/24/2011 Time to Re-write the Security Rulebook as Social Networking Goes to Work
01/18/2011 Can a Government Prevent a DDoS Attack on One of Its Systems?
01/10/2011 Mobile Device Security: What Are You Trying to Protect?
12/09/2010 The Lesson of WikiLeaks
12/07/2010 Adaptive Security Management Architecture Overview
11/22/2010 Stealing Information and Exploitation: Form Grabbing
11/02/2010 Secure Service-Oriented Computing
10/25/2010 Why Information Security Training and Awareness Are Important
10/11/2010 The Insecurity of Smart Cards
09/27/2010 Protecting Your Organization's Most Critical Data with Privileged Password Management
09/27/2010 6 Steps for Responding to a Data Security Crisis
08/09/2010 Adaptive Threats and Defenses
07/19/2010 Privacy and Its Relation to Cloud-Based Information Systems
06/01/2010 Attacking RFID Systems
05/17/2010 Introduction to Cryptography
05/03/2010 Enterprise User Identification and Authentication Challenges
04/12/2010 The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Its After Effects
04/05/2010 Exploiting Software Vulnerabilities
03/15/2010 What's Not Right with Information Security
03/02/2010 Cloud Security Challenges
02/08/2010 Securing SaaS Applications: A Cloud Security Perspective for Application Providers
01/18/2010 Getting Started with Vulnerability Management
01/18/2010 Rogue Security Software Dupes Users
01/04/2010 The Evolution of Video Surveillance Systems
12/22/2009 12 Dangers of Endpoint Security
12/21/2009 Why Are Information Technology Controls and Audit Important?
12/14/2009 The Internet Security Landscape: A Look Back at 2009 and Predictions for 2010
11/30/2009 Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
11/23/2009 Data Protection: Where the Problems Lie
11/16/2009 The Insider Threat: A View from the Outside
11/02/2009 Basic IPv6 Security Considerations
10/26/2009 The Hacker's Profiling Project (HPP)
10/20/2009 Introduction to Computer Ethics
10/19/2009 Getting Started with Security Metrics
10/13/2009 Introduction to Social Engineering
10/06/2009 Security Weaknesses of System and Application Interfaces Used to Process Sensitive Information
09/28/2009 Introduction to Vulnerability Management
09/21/2009 Could Your Mobile Device Land Your CEO in Court?
09/21/2009 Security Metrics Overview
09/07/2009 Mid-Year 2009 Internet Security Trends
09/03/2009 On the Web's 40th Anniversary, the Top Web Threats
08/17/2009 Understanding DLP
07/27/2009 Protecting Your Email Infrastructure
07/20/2009 Web Application Firewall Implementation Strategies
07/13/2009 Deep Packet Inspection Technologies
07/06/2009 Integrated Threat Management
05/19/2009 Introduction to Web Application Firewalls
05/19/2009 Introduction to Web Application Firewalls
05/12/2009 How to Develop and Implement a Security Master Plan
04/21/2009 Insider Threats Remain Low Priority
03/23/2009 The Ethical Hacking Framework
03/16/2009Vulnerability Case Study: Cookie Tampering
03/09/2009Security Event Management
03/02/2009Ranking Risks: Rare to Certain, Negligible to Catastrophic
02/25/2009Consortium of US Federal Cybersecurity Experts Establishes Consensus Audit Guidelines
02/23/2009Foundational Concepts for Information Assurance Architecture
02/09/2009Critical Success Factor Survivability for Engaged Information Security Professionals
02/06/2009February 2009 Symantec State of Spam Report
01/23/2009Latest "Dirty Dozen" Spam Report
01/19/2009How Cybercriminals Attempted to Influence Presidential Election
01/05/2009The Booming Criminal Underground Economy
12/29/2008The Convergence of Endpoint Security and Endpoint Management
12/22/2008It's Time to Improve the Transfer of Sensitive Data
12/15/2008USB Drive Security at Multiple Tiers
12/11/2008The Dirty Dozen for 2008: 12 Most Common Applications with Major Security Vulnerabilities
12/09/2008Security Threat Report 2009
12/01/2008Top Security Trends of 2008 and What to Watch for in 2009
11/24/2008New Symantec Report Reveals Booming Underground Economy
11/24/2008Enabling a Productive, Mobile Workforce with Data Loss Prevention
11/10/2008Tomorrow's AV Marks the Good, the Bad, and the Long Tail
10/13/2008Proactive eDiscovery: The Key to Reducing Litigation Risks and Costs
09/15/2008Don't Become the Next Headline or Statistic: More on Passwords and Insider Threats
09/08/2008Protecting Your Windows 2008 Server
09/01/2008Plugging the Leaks: Best Practices for Securing Data in Endpoints
08/25/2008The Origin and Evolution of Bot Attacks
08/18/2008The Fallacy of the FISMA Critics
08/05/2008Symantec August 2008 State of Spam Report
07/28/2008Solving the Identity Management Challenge: A Holistic Approach
07/21/2008Introduction to Bots
07/14/2008Communications Data Retention: A Pandora’s Box for Rights and Liberties?
07/07/2008Verizon Business 2008 Data Breach Investigations Report
06/30/2008Choosing the Right Managed Security Services Provider
06/23/2008Protecting Your Data: It's Not Your Father's Encryption
06/16/2008Best Practices for Protecting Critical Business Data
06/09/2008Cyber Forensics and the Changing Face of Investigating Criminal Behavior
06/02/2008Building Sustainable IP Protection against Hacking
05/26/2008The Ocean Is Full of Phish
05/19/2008Protecting Customer Privacy Information
05/12/2008Compliance Frameworks
04/28/2008Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
04/09/2008Identifying the Terrorist Group and Its Cell
04/08/2008New Internet Security Threat Report Reveals Details on Hackers’ Quest for Private Information
04/07/2008Data Loss Prevention: Where Do We Go From Here?
04/07/2008Network Content Filtering and Leak Prevention
03/31/2008Best Practices for Deploying WAN Optimization with Data Replication: Keys for Successful Data Protection across the WAN
02/26/2008Would Effective IT Controls Have Prevented Data Theft at LGT Group?
02/25/2008Security Testing Versus Functional Testing
02/18/2008Automate Role Management to Avoid Three Major Business Disasters
02/04/2008User Identification and Authentication Concepts
02/01/2008Symantec Research Debunks Common Myths that Contribute to IT Failures
01/28/2008Lack of Privileged Password Management Can Explain What Went Wrong at Société Générale
01/21/2008Attackers Increase Exploits on Trusted Entities
12/17/20078 IT Security New Year's Resolutions for 2008
12/03/2007The Desktop Dilemma: Liberty vs Lockdown
11/26/2007Hackers Scamming Online Holiday Shoppers
11/21/2007How to Select a Password Management System
11/19/2007Top 10 Security Trends 2007 and Predictions for 2008
11/12/2007Stopping the Biggest Threat to Data Theft: Employees
11/05/2007Hackers Scam Thousands of PC Users Through Online Ads Touting Rogue Antispyware
10/29/2007The Fight for Cyber Space: High Tech and Law Enforcement Experts on Defeating Today’s Cyber Criminals
10/29/20072007's Top Ten Popular Applications with Critical Vulnerabilities
10/29/2007Convenience over Security: Creating Effective Mobile Security Policies
10/01/2007Behavioral Genotype Technology: A New Approach to Proactive Detection of New Malware
07/23/2007SSL VPN for Secure Wireless LAN Access
07/23/2007Transforming Your Security Team into a Security Operations Center
07/02/2007Security for Content Distribution Networks: Concepts, Systems and Research Issues
04/24/2007Stopping Spam Before It Stops You
04/23/2007An Overview of Continuous Data Protection
04/09/2007Maximizing Compliance and Content Protection
03/22/200710 Privacy Pitfalls to Avoid
03/19/2007Choosing the Right Authentication
03/05/2007Four Cornerstones to a Successful MSSP Partnership
02/22/2007Secure, Searchable Archiving
02/19/2007Information Protection Extends Beyond the Network
01/24/2007The Evolution of Managed Security Services: A Virtual Reality
01/22/2007Darknets: Security's Bright Future
01/22/20072006 Security Trends
01/15/2007HSPD-12, Compliance and the Role of Automated User Provisioning in Converging Logical and Physical Government Environmennts
01/08/2007"Top 7 in '07" IT Security Predictions and Resolutions
12/25/20077 Resolutions for a Safe eSecure 2007
12/04/2006Implicit Trust Can Lead to Data Loss
11/13/2006Digital Steganography: Threat or Hype?
11/06/2006Information and Physical Security: Can They Live Together?
10/30/2006Secure from the Ground Up
10/23/2006Securing Global Supply Chains: Seven Reasons Why "Getting It Done" Is So Hard
10/18/2006Information Security: Design, Implementation, Measurement, and Compliance
09/18/2006Encryption Everywhere: Ensuring Access Compliance beyond a Doubt
09/11/2006Distributed Data: The New Security Frontier
09/04/2006The New Return on Integrity (ROI) Calculation for Desktop and Network Applications Security
08/21/2006Secure Data Archiving: How to Protect and Store Your Data
08/14/2006The California Security Breach Information Act (SB1386) and Its Impact on IT Security
07/24/2006Most Disk Overwriting Software May Compromise Data Security
07/17/2006Mitigating Malware in Userland
06/26/2006Remotely Safeguarding the Enterprise
04/24/2006The Brave New World of Distributed IT Security
03/27/2006Cyber-Warfare Threatens Corporations Expansion into Commercial Environments
03/13/20062005 Biggest Year Yet for Spyware
02/27/2006Annual Internal Threat Report Reveals Attacks Against Corporate Networks Unrelenting
01/30/2006Best Practices for Security Information Management
01/23/2006Best Behavior against Evolving Threats
01/16/2006Ten Best Practices for Enterprise Intrusion Prevention
12/26/2005Outsmarting the New Malware
10/31/2005Implementing an Information Security Awareness Program
10/03/2005Securing Web Services
06/20/2005Emerging Cybersecurity Issues Threaten Federal Information Systems
09/22/2003Effective Patch Management Is Critical to Mitigating Software Vulnerabilities
09/15/2003Counterfeit Identification and Identification Fraud Raise Security Concerns
09/08/2003Challenges in Using Biometrics
08/18/2003Spam, That Ill O’ The ISP: A Reality Check for Legislators

Data, Database, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Big Data, and Data Analytics

Books on Database
01/09/2017 Database Management: Ensuring Risk-Free Change
07/26/2016 Storage and Database Management for Big Data
03/06/2016 Developments and Challenges in Location Mining
02/29/2016 Balancing the Risk and Opportunity of Deep Customer Data Analytics
10/05/2015 Providing an Integrated Environment for Big Data Management with the Hadoop Ecosystem
03/17/2015 Concepts of Database Security
11/03/2014 Basic Concepts of Multilevel Database Security
06/23/2014 An Overview of the NoSQL World
11/12/2013 Enterprise Dark Data Is a Hidden Asset
10/01/2013 Benefits of Open Source Analytics
10/01/2013 Data Protection: Setting the Right Objectives
06/06/2013 Big Data Gets Bigger with Business Networks
02/18/2013 We Have to Scale the Human Generated Big Data Mountain 'Because It’s There'
10/22/2012 Major Components of Data Management
09/21/2012 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence: What, Why, How, When, When Not?
10/11/2010 Protect Your Apache Derby Database from Superuser Attacks
11/09/2009 Secure Database Design Principles
03/30/2009 The Open Source Data Warehouse Revolution
02/18/2008 Why Flexibility Is Key to a Successful Data Migration
05/21/2007 DBAs Fishing for an Elevated Role
08/28/2006 Data Warehousing Stages of Growth
12/12/2005 Mining Databases on the Web

Networking and Telecommunications

Books on Networking & Telecommunications
03/13/2016 5G Overview: Key Technologies
09/14/2015 Overview of Cloud Computing Networking
09/22/2014 Overview of Mobile Platforms
03/10/2014 SDN/OpenFlow: Concepts and Applications
01/06/2014 Fundamentals of Complex Networks
12/26/2011 Monitoring the User Experience
12/19/2011 Security Is Broken
07/04/2011 Consolidating Network Appliances with Virtualization
05/16/2011 The Internet of Things
04/18/2011 IPv6: An Introduction and Overview
11/22/2010 Is Virtual Queuing a Model for Unified Communications?
11/15/2010 Policy-Based Network Management
05/17/2010 What Are Wireless Sensor Networks?
03/29/2010 Unified Access and Optimization: Integrating Security, Availability, and Application Acceleration Services to Enable Context-Aware Networking
03/22/2010 Internet Telephony: The Evolution to a Service-Oriented Architecture
01/18/2010 Troubleshooting 10 Gbps Networks
12/08/2009 Getting a Handle on DNS
08/11/2008 Introduction to Mobile Computing and Communications
04/07/2008 Network Content Filtering and Leak Prevention
03/31/2008Best Practices for Deploying WAN Optimization with Data Replication: Keys for Successful Data Protection across the WAN
04/09/2007Internet Telephony: The Evolution to a Service-Oriented Architecture
07/31/2006Real-time Conversations Crucial for Networking in a Virtual World
05/27/2006Network Peripherals: A Weak Link in Security and an Open Gateway for Attackers
04/10/2006Introduction to Telecommunications Cost Management
11/21/2005Managing the Paradoxes of Mobile Technology
12/22/2003Next Generation Networks, Part 2: The NGN Patadigms
12/22/2003Next Generation Networks, Part 1: Itroduction
07/14/2003 Towards Next Generation URLs

Software Engineering, Systems Development, and Programming

Books on Software Engineering & Systems Development and Programming and Languages
06/12/2017 Microsoft Technologies Basics
05/15/2017 Overview of Model-Based Testing
05/08/2017 Introduction to Software Self-Adaptation
11/07/2016 Today's Software Development Landscape and How It Will Change
10/10/2016 Overview of Mobile Apps and Interfaces
08/29/2016 Scala Programming Basics
08/01/2016 Solving the Legacy Platform Problem
11/16/2015 Introduction to Dependable Embedded Software
11/02/2015 4 Steps to Prepare Your Business for an ERP Implementation
12/09/2013 Using PhoneGap Build
10/29/2012 Complex Systems Engineering Principles
10/08/2012 Understanding Your Organization's Best Software Development Practices
05/31/2012 Building Security into Software
09/12/2011 The Opportunity Cost of Software Testing
09/05/2011 Social Software Engineering: Development and Collaboration with Social Networking
04/04/2011 Designing for Mobility: User Experience as a Design Driver
12/29/2009 Software Testing Project Execution
11/30/2009 Top 5 Considerations When Retiring Legacy Applications
11/30/2009 How to Make the Transition to the Collaborative Web 2.0 Work Process
11/02/2009 Overview of Software Testing Techniques
01/22/2009 2009 Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors
04/28/2008 The Foundation of Global Development Management
02/25/2008 Security Testing Versus Functional Testing
08/27/2007 The Positive Side of Failure in Building Software
07/16/2007 How Six Sigma Can Help the System Development Process
06/11/2007 Introduction to Mobile Middleware
05/14/2007 Do's and Don'ts of Software Process Improvement
03/12/2007 Critical Success Factors for Global Software Development
09/25/2006 The Evolving Role of Hardware as a Key Enabler of Open Source Telephony in the Business Market
06/12/2006 Agile Software Development: Adaptive Systems Principles and Best Practices
10/24/2005 The Nature of Software and the Laws of Software Process

Project Management

Books on Project Management
10/17/14 Benefits Realization Management
10/03/14 Introduction to Project Portfolio Management
09/02/14 Beyond PCI Compliance
11/25/13 Creativity Life Cycle Models in Project Management
10/01/2013 Creativity and Project Management
10/01/2013 Project Management Methodology in the Smaller PMO
10/01/2013 The Power of Project Team Members
10/01/2013 Cultural Communication Issues and Project E-Leadership
09/30/2013 Project Management Tools
09/09/2013 The Birth of My First Program
11/28/2011 Reflections on the Current State of IT Project Management
06/20/2011 On Project Management: Don't Just Tell Them. Show Them
02/14/2011 The Strategic PMO: Aligning Projects and Strategy
08/02/2010 The Balanced Scorecard and the Project Manager
05/24/2010 Project Critical Success Factors
04/19/2010 Successful Project Risk Management
10/12/2009 Guidelines for Great Global Project Team Virtual Meetings
09/21/2009 7 Things You Need to Know About Development Project Estimations
08/31/2009 Small Projects Management: 7 Tactics That Pay-Off Big!
07/06/2009 Managing Hidden Project Costs for Better ROI
05/18/2009 Using Scrum for Project Management
05/11/2009 Project Management Tools
04/13/2009 Program Management: For Wonders Great and Small
04/06/2009 Organize Critical Team Documents to Save Time and Waste
01/19/2009 The Beginning of the End: Defining Project Closure
01/05/2009 Which Life Cycle Is Best for Your Project?
09/08/2008 Introducing A New Kind of Project Leader
07/28/2008 The Foundation of Global Development Management
05/26/2008 Categorizing Project Requirements
02/25/2008 For Project Success, Get New Team Members Up To Speed Quickly
02/18/2008 Recipe for Great Virtual Teamwork: The Right Communications Tools at the Right Time
02/11/2008Respect the Iron Triangle
02/04/2008Four Steps to Ensure Adoption of Project Management Software
01/21/2008When Do I Turn on Project Management?
12/17/2007Project Portfolio Management Megatrends
11/19/2007IT Project Management Improves (Slightly)
10/22/2007Project Management: Developing a Risk-Accommodating Culture
08/20/2007Seven Potentially Fatal Pitfalls on Major IT Projects
03/05/2007Critical Success Factors for Global Software Development
03/05/2007Try This Before Killing a Problem IT Project
10/04/2006Early Warning Signs of IT Project Failure: The Dominant Dozen
05/01/2006People on Projects: A New Look at Project Roles and Responsibilities

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

05/30/2010 Does Your Business Continuity Plan Cover Cyberattacks?
04/26/2010 Moving Beyond Pure Disaster Recovery: How to Pull Through with Business Continuity Plans
09/07/2009 The Crisis Management Plan
08/17/2009 The Business Survivability Question: Is Your Data Safe?
06/01/2009 Why Tomorrow Is Too Late to Think about Business Continuity
04/27/2009 Dealing with High Availability/Disaster Recovery Issues in Multi-tier, Heterogeneous Environments
02/02/2009 Granular Application and System Recovery for Virtual and Physical Environments
10/27/2008 Employer Preparation for a Pandemic
09/29/2008 What to Expect When Expecting a Disaster
07/28/2008 Ten Tips for Successful IT Disaster Recovery Planning
11/10/2005 E-mail Continuity: Maintaining Communications in Times of Disaster

Operations and Data Center

Books on Operations and Data Center
03/27/2017 Selecting Platforms to Optimize IT Operations
03/13/2017 The Case for Managed Application and Infrastructure Performance
09/21/2016 Preservation and Management of Documents
06/29/2016 Dissemination and Reporting of Electronically Stored Information
08/25/2014 Maintenance in the Digital World
08/05/2014 Stream vs. Batch Processing: Which One Is Better for Operational Intelligence?
10/21/2013 IT Data Center "Green" Myths and Realties
10/01/2013 Securing Storage
10/01/2013 Virtualization, Storage Tiers and Manual Data Movement
10/01/2013 Metrics for Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Devices
07/01/2013 Green Servers and Data Centers
06/05/2013 5 Common IT Administrator Mistakes That Lead to Data Loss
03/25/2013 Records Management in Microsoft SharePoint
02/07/2013 How to Control Windows Store Apps in Windows 8
02/04/2013 Virtualization Needs Physical Consideration
01/02/2013 Seven Top Tips to Get Your Windows Migration Right by Removing Admin Rights
12/10/2012 Dividing Data after a Merger or Acquisition
06/06/2012 When Users, Admins and Applications Go to War
09/19/2011 Making Your Data Center Energy Efficient
08/01/2011 Testing the Cloud
07/25/2011 Email Records Management and SharePoint
05/09/2011 Realizing the Benefits of Vulnerability Management in the Cloud
04/26/2011 Tips on Living with and Managing Microsoft Outlook PST Files
05/09/2011 Realizing the Benefits of Vulnerability Management in the Cloud
03/21/2011 Data Center Storage: Migration and Retiring Aging Systems
12/20/2010 Responsible Hard Drive Destruction
06/28/2010 Information Destruction Requirements and Techniques
02/15/2010 Designing Backup for Recovery
02/01/2010 Five Ways to Increase Operational Efficiency with Alert Management
08/03/2009 Storage and the VMware VMFS File System
07/13/2009 VMWare ESX Performance Optimization
06/29/2009 What Defines a Green, Next-Generation, Virtual Data Center?
05/25/2009 Optimizing Exchange and Active Directory Backup and Recovery
02/16/2009 The State of Today’s Data Center: Challenges and Opportunities
02/02/2009 Granular Application and System Recovery for Virtual and Physical Environments
01/12/2009 Separating Backup and Archiving: Securing Your Digital Information
12/01/2008 Making a Case for Tape: It Still Plays a Vital Role in a Digital World
05/05/2008 E-mail Management
10/31/2007 State of the Data Center Research

Cloud Computing

06/05/2017 Basic Mechanisms and Principles of Mobile Cloud Computing
05/22/2017 Factoring Cloud Service Quality Risks
01/03/2017 Watch the Cloud Computing Space in 2017 and the Way It Will Improve Business
10/17/2016 Risk and Trust Assessment: Schemes for Cloud Services
09/14/2015 Overview of Cloud Computing Networking
10/01/2013 Licensing Cloud Resources and Services
09/21/2012 Cloud Enterprises
09/10/2012 The Deadly Sins of Cloud Computing
06/11/2012 Cloud Choices: Adopting Cloud Computing Can Save Money, but It Is Important to Choose the Right Cloud Solution for Your Business Needs
08/08/2011 Seeding the Cloud with Trust: Real World Trusted Multi-Tenancy Use Cases Emerge
07/11/2011 SMBs Show Signs of Coming Round to Cloud, but on Their Terms
06/20/2011 Integration: The Missing Link in the Cloud
05/09/2011 Realizing the Benefits of Vulnerability Management in the Cloud
01/31/2011 Key Cloud Strategies: First Steps
11/29/2010 Preventing Vendor Lock-In as You Migrate to the Cloud
10/04/2010 5 Reasons Why Object Storage Is the Best Choice for Cloud Storage Environments
07/19/2010 Privacy and Its Relation to Cloud-Based Information Systems
08/03/2009 12 Things You Should Know about Cloud Computing and Software as a Service

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