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Watch Out for the Cloud Computing Space in 2017 and the Way It Will Improve Business

Mayur Ramgir

The cloud computing space is constantly changing, and by that we mean it's improving by the day. There is no other way a technology considered a fad only a few years ago can become a crucial backbone for any corporate infrastructure. From affordability to flexibility, there is endless list of reasons why more and more businesses, regardless of nature and size, are moving to the cloud. Recent studies suggest that the revenues earned from the cloud are likely to double up in the next five months. All the tech gurus, from IBM to Oracle, who have long entered the cloud space are now shifting more of their focus towards the technology.

All of this means that businesses mostly will be the ones to enjoy the perks of improvement in the technology itself. So, with current development and evolution of the cloud space in mind, let's take a look at how cloud computing can improve businesses in 2017.

Improve IT Security

Cloud and security have remained on antonymous terms during early years, which wasn't too long ago, but things have improved to a point where not only the cloud itself is secure enough but is also capable of improving IT security for businesses. As a matter of fact, enterprise security now comes under the umbrella of cloud services. Cloud has allowed security companies to provide complete remote support in case of data breach or an attack. This means that the vendors can now provide security-as-a-service fully managed by experts with more experience and better tools. However, the biggest benefit of cloud-based security service is the ease of upgrade that doesn't require installation of new applications throughout the enterprise.

Manage Global Workforce

The cloud technology will encourage more and more enterprises to work with a global workforce without the excessive cost that comes with hiring professionals from other countries and managing their visa and immigration. In fact, hiring experts overseas may actually bring potential cost saving benefits for many small and midsized businesses that are otherwise unable to recruit high-level resources in their own country. Plus, the ability to remotely work and manage will help businesses increase productivity and control cost with the help of flexible workplace policies such as BYOD. All of this is possible due to the way cloud-based system can improve collaboration despite distance.

Robust Data Retrieving

It is not the cyber threats and breaches that put your data at risk, accidents, system failures, and disasters may also cause loss of valuable data stored on-site. Cloud vendors provide reliable data backup to ensure rapid and robust data retrieval in case a disaster strikes. As 2017 approaches, more and more vendors are providing geo-redundant backups, storing your sensitive data in multiple datacenters to make sure the system is back and running in no time. Cloud service providers are now able to deliver their promise of literally zero percent downtime, and it means thousands of dollars saved even for a midsized enterprise. These high-end data centers are loaded with the most reliable hardware and equipment, and all businesses will pay for is one single service.

The cost saving with the cloud is as apparent as it can get, and it comes packed with increase in productivity and efficiency. In 2017, we will be seeing a more aggressive cloud migration as it will become crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. If you haven't made the move yet, this is precisely the best time to do it with no fear and lots of benefits in prospect.

About the Author

Mayur Ramgir ( is founder and CEO of Zonopact, Inc., creator of the Clintra cloud-based software platform. He has more than 14 years experience in software engineering and holds a Computational Science and Engineering degree from Georgia Tech. He also is author of Unbarred Innovation: A Pathway to Greatest Discoveries.

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