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Information Management

General Management

Facilitating Transformations in IT: Lessons Learned along the Journey
Adopting a Visionary Approach to Managing IT
Nine Factors for Project Success
Turning E-business Barriers into Strengths
Practical Issues in Global IT Management
A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Successful RFP
Electricity Deregulation: Itís New Bonanza
Evaluating Organizational Readiness for Telecommuting
An Alphabet Soup of Service: From SLM to QoS
A Gap Analysis Process to Improve IT Management
The Right Level of IT Expense
Is End-User Computing Worth Worrying About?
Collaborative Commerce and Enterprise Integration
Forming a Dialogue with Academia: Industry Requirements versus Academic Programs
The Role of Project Management in Knowledge Management
An IT Asset Management Toolkit
Using Intelligent Agents to Maximize the Benefits of the World Wide Web
Business Trends on the Internet
Improving IT Performance as an Outsourcing Alternative
Information Technology Substitution and Diffusion: A Primer for the Information Technology Executive
Telecommuting Issues for Information Technology Professionals
An Information Architecture for the Global Manufacturing Enterprise
Partnership: The Key to Successful Systems Development in a TQM Company
Business Aspects of Multimedia Networking
Using Intelligent Agents to Manage Multivendor Environments
The IT Imperative in Business Transformation
Reengineering with Imaging Technology: A Case Study
Redesigning the IT Organization for the Information Age
The Information Technology Annual Statement
Stages in Information Systems Management
Improving Supply Chain Management for the Mining and Metals Industry
Cost of Computing Methodology
Leveraging Developed Software: Organizational Implications
Estimating Application Life
Designing Equitable Chargeback Systems
Managing Multivendor Environments
Best Practices for Managing the Decentralized IT Organization
Culture Change: A Client/Server Enabler
The Flexible IS Organization
IT Decision Making and the Business Manager
Corporate Lessons for the IS Manager
Managing the IT Procurement Process
Managing ERP Systems in a Heterogeneous Environment
The Politics of Content: Ownership, Relevance, and Access
Law (or the Lack of It) on the Web: A Primer for Financial Services Technology Managers
Assessing Customer Perceptions

Strategic Planning

Building and Supporting a Corporate IT Architecture
Strategic Planning for Acquiring and Managing Computer Resources
Acquisition and Deployment of Advanced Information Technology
Strategic and Long-Range Information Systems Planning
Assessing the Real Costs of a Major System Change
Leveraging Developed Software: Organizational Implications Managing Legacy Assets
Transforming Information Management into an Effective Business Enabler
Aligning Strategies, Processes, and Information Technology: A Case Study
Enterprise Modeling for Strategic Support
Forecasting Technology Needs: An Example
Economics of Advanced Information Technology
Shifting to Distributed Computing
Developing a Global Information Vision
Strategic IS Planning: Process and Products
The IS Executiveís Role in Strategic Planning
Developing Effective Technology Plans
Role Models for the IS Organization
New Organizational Styles for the IS Department


The Essentials for Successful IT Outsourcing
Making the Decision to Outsource IT
Guidelines for Choosing a Systems Integrator
Outsourcing as a Means of Improving Process Maturity
Outsourced Systems Development
An IS Managerís Guide to Systems Integrators
A Practical Guide to Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing
Managing Outsourcing through Metrics
The Outsourcing Alternative
Outsourcing the Help Desk Function
Contracting with Consultants for Computer Services
Offshore Development: Caveats and Consequences
Professional Services Organizations and the Role of Consulting in the New Economy
Applications Maintenance Outsourcing
The Management Service Provider Option
Management Service Providers: Monitoring and Managing E-commerce
Management Service Providers: Ready for Prime Time?
Application Service Providers: A New CIO Option
Considering an Application Service Provider Partnership

Policymaking and Planning

The Information Technology Project Charter
Increasing Productivity Through the CMM
Writing and Implementing Internet Acceptable Use Policies
Ensuring Internet Access Means Business Access
Operating Standards and Practices for LANs
E-Mail Privacy and Employee Rights
Management Policies for E-Mail Privacy
A Strategy for Ethical Management of E-Mail Privacy
Framework for Internet Security Planning
Policies for Laptop Rollout and Use

Control and Administration

The Integrated Audit Approach
The Value of Application Audits
Asset Management: A Small Step in the Evolution of Computer Servitude
Configuration Management: An Object-Based Method
Developing a Network Security Plan
Controlling Data Resources in Distributed Environments

Quality, Measurement, and Metrics

Introduction to the ISO 9000 Quality Standard
Baselining and Benchmarking the IT Function
Charting Service Quality Improvements: A Case Study
Delivering IT Service Quality
Instituting an IT Metrics Program: A Case Study
Metrics for Secure Operating Practices: A Forsaken Variable in Risk Measurement
Creating and Implementing a Balanced Measurement Program
Applying Software Quality Tools and Metrics
Improving IT Performance: The Role of the Value Chain
Improving Quality with Software Metrics

Business Continuity Planning

CIO on Center Stage: 9/11 Changes Everything
Lessons Learned: The Aftermath of September 11
Risk and the Need for Disaster Planning Contingency Planning for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses
E-disaster Recovery Means Continuous Availability
Managing Risk in Information Systems
Testing Disaster Recovery Plans
Disaster Recovery Planning for Client/Server Systems
Business Recovery Planning for Communications
Documenting a Communications Recovery Plan
Adding Communications Network Support to Existing Disaster Recovery Plans
DBMS Recovery Procedures
Organizing for Disaster Recovery
Assessing Recovery Capabilities

Business Process Engineering

Developing a Transnational IT Architecture: A Reengineering Approach
Reengineering Methodologies and Tools
From Engineering Systems to Reengineering the IS Organization: The Star Tribune Experience
The IT Managerís Enabling Role in Business Process Reengineering
Managing Simulation Modeling for Business Process Reengineering

Information Security

Security Risks in Telecommuting
Establishing a Security Awareness Program
Electronic Commerce Management and Security
Web and Java Risk Issues
Protecting Against Dial-In Hazards: E-Mail and Data Communications
Protecting Against Dial-In Hazards: Voice Systems
Protecting Information in Distributed Environments
Getting a Secure Intranet
Responding to Computer Crime: A Practitionerís Guide
Internet Security Using Firewalls
Making Your Website Hacker Safe: Internet Security
Vandals: The New Internet Threat

Research & Development

Commerce Opportunities in Electronic Markets
Aligning R&D Project Portfolios with the Organizationís Business Strategy
The 12 Critical Activities of R&D Management: A Comparison of Two Cases Improving R&D Operations
A Decade of Progress in R&D Management: An Overview of Six Companies
The Application of Total Quality Management Principles to Technology Management
World-Class R&D Management in Food and Beverage Companies
Managing People, Not Just R&D: Five Companiesí Experiences
Implementing Employee Empowerment
High-Yield Technology Development
Using Creativity Techniques in the Product-Innovation Process
Achieving Product Innovation by Reducing Variability
Small Company Intrapreneurship: Developing a New High-Tech Product
Facilitating Competitive Intelligence: The Next Step in Internet-Based Research
Using the Internet to Improve Competitive Position and Reduce Costs


Recruiting, Hiring, and Training

Variables in the Hiring Equation: Ensuring the Right Candidate Is Hired
Intelligent Risk Control in Hiring
Should Organizations Be Jumping on the Web-based Training Bandwagon?
Technical Wizards, Lousy Managers: Avoiding Disasters in Promoting and Hiring IT Management
The Technical Communicatorís Role in User Documentation and Training
Turning Host Developers into Object Technicians
Reengineering IT Professionals
Educating for Client/Server Success
Increasing IT Productivity by Mass Customizing Motivation and Reward Systems
Individual Motivation Profiles: The Key to Increased Productivity and Job Satisfaction
Remaking the IT Staff
Centers of Excellence: Empowering People to Manage Change
Creativity Training for IT

Team Building

Self-Directed Teams: Transformation Strategies and Outcomes
Centers of Excellence: Empowering People to Manage Change
Improving IT with Cross-Functional Teams
Developing Reward and Compensation Systems to Motivate Self-Managed Teams
Successful Self-Directed Teams and Planned Change
Motivating Legacy Systems Support Staff
Leveraging the Benefits of Self-Directed Teams

Career Paths

Project Management as a Profession
A Worksheet for Goals and Skills Assessment
Career Adjustment and Development Strategies
Management Strategy Pitfalls: Avoiding Career-Limiting Events

Directions in Technology

Strategic Management

Business and IT: Developing Strategic Alliances
Executing the E-Factory Roadmap
Understanding E-commerce Strategically: The Dawn of IT Fighting
Knowledge Management as a Competitive Advantage
Push Technology: Impact and Issues
Application Mining: Reusing Legacy Assets
Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise Computing Strategies
The Information Environment: A Business within a Business
Hyper-competition, Part 1: The New Struggle for Advantage
Hyper-competition, Part 2: The Strategic IT Response
Transforming the IT Development Function
How Internet Bill Presentment Changes the Deployment Strategy: Homebanking and Online Payment
The World of Electronic Commerce
Information Everywhere: Welcome to the Unwired World

Technology Developments

The Workgroup Model for Enterprise Architectures
Internet Telephony: An Enterprise View
Network Computers: Promises and Reality
Fixed Wireless Internet Access
A Primer on ATM
Multimedia Networking Technologies
Business Impact and Implications of Multimedia
A Guide to Conferencing Technologies
A Guide to Internet Telephony
A Guide to Enterprise Document Management Systems
Using a Geographic Information System as a Business Tool: A Case Study
Guidelines for Designing EIS Interfaces

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